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Revlon Comfort and Control Tweezer, Easy to Use Eyebrow Tool with Wide Grip(2 pack)

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  • PRECISION: Stainless-steel slant tips for easier tweezing
  • CONTROL: Perfect tension for superior control
  • BENEFITS: Wide grip allows for greater surface area than a standard tweezer
  • MATERIAL: Non-slip silicone helps keep fingers in place
  • SHAPE: Curved shape and dips help with finger placement


Want to make tweezing even easier? Elevate your beauty routine with the Comfort + Control Tweezer. The textured, non-slip grip feels ultra-comfortable in your hand as you tweeze. Whether it’s coarse or fine, it’ll grab every stray hair you see with precision.

No teeny-weeny tweezers here. A large, curved shape plus wide, slanted tips provide an easier and more accurate tweezing experience. And no slipping—textured silicone pads on the handles keep your fingers in place. Designed for both normal and limited hand mobility.

Durable, precise and so easy to hold. This non-slip tweezer helps you remove all those unwanted hairs without the hassle. The dips on the design show you the best spots for finger placement, so you can tweeze with absolute Comfort + Control

You’ve got control. Designed for effortless use, the Revlon® Comfort + Control Tweezer features a wide, curved shape and dips to help with finger placement and comfort. Plus, the curved shade supports full hand grasp for better control. Grab every hair, every time.

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