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netTalk 857392003016 Duo II VoIP Phone Device

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netTalk 857392003016 Duo II VoIP Phone Device BRAND NEW.

Free Home Phone Service
The netTALK DUO II is a portable digital phone device that allows users to make crystal clear calls over high-speed Internet using any standard home phone. With your purchase you get a prepaid full featured phone line with all of the same great features as your phone company, including the safety and security of 911 Service, without sacrificing reliability or call quality of a traditional phone company. First 3 months of phone service included with purchase

Fire Your Phone Company and Save up to $1,000 Each Year
Say goodbye to monthly bills and contracts. You can transfer your existing phone number for a small one time fee or get a new number free. You can stay in touch with friends and family anywhere in the world with Free Unlimited International calling between any netTALK DUO devices. Make and receive calls from U. S. & Canada from any country in the world with no high minute or roaming charges while traveling. The netTALK low-cost “pay as you go” International calling rates, including the 60 Country International calling plans, are designed to save you money.

Easy Setup to Make Free Calls Using the Internet
Before starting, locate your user name and password on the sticker inside your new netTALK DUO II box. Then activate your netTALK DUO II online by following the instructions. You can manage your online account 24/7. Once logged in you can update your 911 information, see account billing and call history and set up call settings like call forwarding, call blocking and so much more. The easy setup with router consists of plugging a standard home phone to the netTALK DUO II. Followed by plugging the Ethernet cable (included in box) into the netTALK DUO II and plugging the other end to your modem or router. Finally, plug the USB cable to the AC adapter (both items included in box) and to a power outlet. Your phone should ring once at this point, indicating the setup is complete. The easy setup with computer, when traveling or when a router is not available, consists of plugging a standard home phone to the netTALK DUO II. Then plugging the USB cable (included in box) to your computer or laptop. Once your phone rings once, the setup is complete. You should now hear a dial tone and receive calls on your netTALK DUO II. Enjoy the savings!

Free Mobile App for Unlimited Calling & Texting
Save on your cell phone bills and on the cost for International calling with the free netTALK Mobile Companion App. Enjoy free U. S. & Canada calls without using your cell phone minutes and the ability to make International calls at the industry’s lowest “pay as you go” International rates anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi Internet. Download on your Amazon Kindle Fire devices or at the Amazon App Store for Android.

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