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(2-Pack) Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Fire Starter with Compass, Paracord and Whistle, for Emergency Survival Kits, Camping, Hiking

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  • INSTANT FIRE: Start fires in any weather conditions, over 16k strikes at 5,500°F with Magnesium Rod
  • GET 2 FIRE STARTERS: Each box includes 2 Fire Starters with unique design
  • MULTI-TOOL DESIGN: Built-in compass, 150dB Whistle, Steel Scraper, 450Lb 8-core Paracord and 16,000 - Strike Magnesium Rod
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: More reliable than matches or lighter, weighs less than 2 ounces, 5 inches long

5-in-1 Survival Tool: Magnesium Rod, Steel Scraper, Compass, Survival Whistle & 450Lb 8-Core Paracord


Step 1
Gather some kindling (such as dry grass, pine needles, small twigs) and some tinder (such as small branches, pine cones, bark).

Step 2
Use serrated edge of striker to shave some magnesium from the rod onto your pile of tinder. Keep shavings closely piled together for best results.

Step 3
Use smooth edge of striker to forcefully strike rod several times in order to release a stream of sparks aimed at the magnesium pile until it ignites.

Step 4
Gently blow on the flame and start feeding it with kindling and larger branches until you have a full-fledged fire.

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