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MEDca Large Weekly Pill Organizer Box - 7 Day Week Pill Planner Organizers with 4 Times a Day Daily Compartments

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PERFECT ON-THE-GO PILL CASE: Imagine a pill box that you can plan for your week of medication but only travel with the daily dose of pills you need because each day is removable, has a different color, clearly labeled with the day of the week and every compartment is over an inch deep so it makes it easy to separate all your pills by morning, noon, afternoon, and night.
FOUR EASY TO FILL DAILY COMPARTMENTS: Discover how easy it is to organize your pills with the MEDca travel pill case. You'll love the removable compartment lid so you can fill all your medications at once and snap the lid back shut. Each compartment is separated by four easy to open lids so you will be able to know when to take which of your pills every time!
HOLD A LARGE QUANTITY OF PILLS: Have you been looking for a weekly pill planner that has plenty of room for lots of pills? Then your search is over because this case medication reminder has large daily detachable compartments, which means that you can fit all your fish oil vitamins and daily pills without having to worry about needing extra storage space in your pill case, guaranteed!
HIGH QUALITY: If you've been looking for a reliable pill box case that will help you manage all of your vitamins, fish oil, and prescription pills efficiently, then your search is over! It won’t break easily even if mishandled.
  • 7 - Removable Daily Compartments
  • Different Colors for Each Day
  • Clearly Labeled with the Day of the Week
  • Four Compartments Per Day
  • Labeled Morning, Noon, Evening, and Night.
  • Every Compartment is Over an Inch Deep
  • High Quality

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