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Sharper Image Calming Heat Massaging Neck Wrap, Grey

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Calming Heat Neck Wrap By Sharper Image, Personal Electric Neck Heating Wrap with Vibrations! It’s the ultra comfortable neck wrap that targets your specific pressure points and soothes with heat and massaging vibrations. Features calming massaging vibrations that can be turned on and off easily with the one-touch controller. Adjust between 3 therapeutic heat settings and 3 massaging vibrations for 9 different relaxing combinations. Includes clay bead filling which absorbs soothing heat for additional, long-lasting comfort. Also features adjustable design feature that has an extender strap for a custom comfortable fit.
  • ADJUSTABLE DESIGN – The Calming Heat Neck Wrap features vibrations for a massaging sensation and an extender strap for a custom comfortable fit. Adjust the strap to your perfect fit for extra comfort and targeted relief. The heating pad provides soothing heat for your neck area!
  • SOOTHING CLAY BEAD FILLING– Weighted clay beads provide gentle pressure to enhance the massaging vibrations and evenly disperse the soothing heat. Helps to calm and soothe muscle aches, stiff neck, and pains.
  • HIGH QUALITY FABRIC - Calming Heat Neck Wrap is made with a luxurious velveteen material that feels super-soft to the touch. This plush fabric is gentle and cozy on skin which helps provide ultra-comfort and relaxation.
  • COMFORTABLE VIBRATIONS - Calming Heat Neck Wrap has 3 therapeutic heat settings combined with 3 massaging vibrations for 9 relaxing combinations. There are three vibration modes so you can get the soothing, customized relief anywhere you need it!
  • EASY TO USE FEATURES - Calming Heat Neck Wrap features an adjustable strap which allows for custom comfort fit to hold the wrap securely in place. Choose from 3 levels of heat and 3 levels of vibration for your preferred comfort! 9 relaxing combinations to choose from! Features nine-foot USB cord to easily use anywhere with a convenient USB.

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