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10-inch Oval Banneton Bread Proofing Basket Natural Rattan with Dough Scraper and Linen Liner

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Whether you're a professional baker or just enjoy surprising your friends and family with delicious homemade bread, you certainly understand the importance of using a high-quality banneton. This professional kit includes everything you need for the best bread baking experience: banneton basket, handy cloth liner, bread lame, scraper and linen storage pouch. Bake delicious bread recipes with crisp, flavorful crusts that are not only healthier than store bought or store bought, but will simply wow your guests and enrich your dining experience.
  •  WELL-FORMED LOAVES - Proofing is an essential method to create perfect bread loaves that are soft on the inside with a crisp crust outside. As a dough rising container, our banneton proofing baskets for sourdough and batard bread provides you with that and more.
  • 100% NATURAL MATERIALS - In this business, we put people and the planet first at all times. This is why we use nothing but natural rattan cane and bamboo in our eco-friendly banneton and scraper.
  • SAFE TO USE - It is important that our brotform proofing basket set complies with food safety regulations. This banneton uses stainless steel tacks which are a lot safer than traditional basket tacks.
  • 10-inch Oval Banneton Bread Proofing Basket with Linen Liner, Scraper, bread lame knife, Linen storage pouch

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