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(2 PACK) Protein Shaker and Blender, 14 Ounces - Colors May Vary

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    • Design: Having a convenient loop and fill cap design, it gives you easy access to pour any liquid and blend it to fit your needs.
    • Best Quality and Quantity: With the best quality and most premium material
    • Pack of 2. Each bottle is 14 Oz.
    • Durability: It will last for years, while you take care of your body. You can keep everything inside securely since it has a screw-on lid. With its wide mouth, you will be able to mix everything easily.
    • Powerful and Portable: The blender is powerful and can mix even the thickest of the ingredients, which makes it a perfect product to consume those thick and delicious protein shakes.
    • Very Versatile: It is that one ultimate product that will let you make delicious fruit shakes, healthy protein shakes, refreshing smoothies, pancake batters, scrambled
    eggs, and lot more at one place, which is impossible to get in a single product.

Who doesn't like to enjoy of a perfectly blended protein shake after your workout session?

Get this amazing and most updated and advanced shaker and blander for your everyday use. Its convenient capacity, 400 ml (approximately 14 Oz), allows you to get the right amount of liquid you need to heal your muscle after workout. Besides, this shaker is perfectly designed to avoid any spill or leaks while you blend your shake, not even the thickest one.

Be fashionable, and give a touch of class to your everyday workout routine.
With this shaker and blender, you will be inspired to go and hit the gym in style or get home after a long run.

Here are some other benefits:
  • Easy access to pour any liquid and blend due to its convenient loop and fill cap design.
  • Easy to clean (wash it by hand or in a dishwasher)

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