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(2 Pack) Solar Fairy Light LED Lantern, Wireless Weatherproof Hanging Light

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The Solar Fairy Light LED Lantern is a wireless solar hanging light that adds instant ambiance to any setting. ‍Thanks to its 'old-school' meets 'new-age' design, each Solar Fairy Light LED Lantern delivers a one-of-a-kind shine that is certain to wow guests and impress friends. The warm glow of this rugged & waterproof solar lantern is easy-on-the-eyes, making Solar Fairy LED Lanterns the "go-to" lights when you want to add a vintage vibe to your parties.

The Solar Fairy Light LED Lantern charges faster, thanks to an upgraded solar panel. Simply flick the power switch to 'ON', and place it anywhere it can receive sunlight for a few hours per day - it charges itself, and then illuminates with a gorgeous soft glow as soon as the sun goes down. It also works rain or shine. Surprise storm? No worries. This light is completely weatherproof. Thanks to an IP44 rating, you can throw any weather at it: wind, rain, or extreme heat - and it will keep on twinkling.

  • Has a 'vintage vibe inducing' light
  • Wireless solar lantern you can hang anywhere in less than 30 seconds
  • No electrician required
  • Wireless & Easy-to-Use
  • Quick-charging
  • Expose to the sun today & use it tonight
  • Weatherproof
  • IP44 Rated that works rain or shine, all 4 seasons

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