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(3-Pack) Food Network Kitchen Twine 100 yards / 300 feet each, White

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Also known as butcher's twine, Kitchen Twine is strong enough for all trussing needs and does not cut into meat, like thinner linen twine. Widely used for trussing turkey, forming roasts, tying rolled steak or chicken breasts to keep herbs or stuffing inside, securing to a rotisserie, curing meat, drying herbs and making bacon wrapped filet. It has hundreds of uses in the kitchen and around the home from forming meat to crafting. Great for securing fabric around canning jars, attaching gift tags and gift presentation, tying bouquet garnish, parcels, and the list goes on. Safe for oven use. Keep away from flame.
  • 300-foot ball
  • 100% white cotton
  • Oven safe
  • You will receive 3 balls of twine

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