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4pet Advanced No Bark Dog Training Collar – Pet Friendly, Pain Free Stimulation – Warning Sounds and Static Shock – Adjustable Comfort – Pets 10-35 lbs – Bonus Audible Clicker

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  • Because You Love Your Dog But Can't Get Them Stop Barking Constantly. Improved Pet Safety – Unlike choke chains or heavy duty shock collars that cause your dog physical or emotional pain, our training collars are safe on your pet’s and hair so they can train with confidence.
  • Avoid Sleepless nights – Train your dog not to bark at every random noise outside Your door and get a great sleep at night . Adjustable Stimulation – Fine tune your dog’s training needs using seven distinct sound and vibration sensitivity settings. This makes our dog collar great for small to medium sized canines with different barking habits.
  • Cruelty Free Training – The 4pet No Bark Collar is designed to be completely pet safe! By giving dogs subtle, but easy-to-follow training cues, pups can stay focused and learn each time their collar makes a sound or vibrates.
  • Battery Operated – 4pet No Bark Collars are made of premium nylon and are easy to adjust for dogs weighing 10-35 lbs. Better yet, they’re 6-volt battery operated so it’s easy to keep it powered up and working efficiently.
  • Additional Training Support – To further enhance your dog’s training ability, we’ve also included an audible clicker that can be used with dog treats to help teach them tricks and movements, like sit, stay, lie down, roll over and more!
  • Comes complete with a complementary clicker training tool!
Enhance your dog’s training with a no bark collar that guides your pet to follow commands without fear or pain.

Dogs are man’s best friends. And while they’re perfect for snuggling and sharing all your secrets, they can be a little loud if they’re constantly barking. That’s why we created the 4pet No Bark Collar to help you train your pet in a safe, humane, effective way that pet owners can feel confident about.

Better Dog Training

The 4pet No Bark Collar is a versatile, adjustable and easy to use dog collar that gives you more control over how your dog learns and behaves. Crafted using premium nylon, our battery-operated collars distinguish your dog’s bark from other environmental noises to ensure training is safe, efficient and easy.

When you want your dog to stop barking, but you want to offer them gentle, guided training, get the 4pet No Bark Collar and give them a safe, effective support.

Product Details:
  • Adjustable Nylon
  • Seven (7) Sensitivity Levels
  • Replaceable 6-Volt Battery
  • Safe, Friendly Dog Training
  • Recommended Dog Size: 10-35 lbs.
Additional Item: Every order comes complete with a complementary clicker training tool!

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