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6pcs Mini Compressed Cotton PopUp Wipe - Camping Home Travel Beauty Salon Wipes

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  • 2pcs of 100% Rayon material unscented hand towels, Biodegradable & Environmentally Safe
  • Just a few drops of water and you will have a wet towel instantly.
  • Expanded Size After Water Added 12"in.x27.5"in.
  • Suitable for Travel, Hiking, Camping, Picnic, Home, Beauty Salon Cosmetic and so on.
PopUp Towels are perfect for any use. These all natural, environmentally friendly towels are safe for anyone to use and are free from harmful chemicals often used to make other towels. Their compact size and light weight makes them extremely portable and easy to store. Because each towel is individually wrapped it will remain in sanitary condition, completely dry and free from dust and dirt until ready to use. Just add water, use, reuse and compost! Whether used for personal hygiene or any other cleaning task wherever you may go, these towels will biodegrade in weeks and not take up space in the landfill. In fact, they are manufactured from excess cotton material originally destined to be discarded, and therefore save even more space in landfills. No more messing with old, dirty towels, or using towels that bring harm to the environment. Try one! You'll be hooked and finding new uses every day!

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