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ALEX Toys Craft Foil Bead Maker - Make Beautiful Beads from Tin Foil

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  • Lets kids make beautiful beads from tin foil. Lots of shapes to make necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Includes Foil Bead Maker Machine, 3 bead molds, 72 sheets of foil in 4 colors, 4 earring hoops, elastic cord, satin cord, a beading needle, and instructions
  • Nifty new machine to create 3 different types of foil beads
  • Includes earring findings, satin cords, elastic cord and more to create bright, fun jewelry
  • 72 pieces of foil in 4 colors
  • Easy instructions Just roll and wear!
Just Roll, Crank, and Wear!
The kit contains 72 pieces of foil in 4 colors for hours of fun and exploration. The child first folds and rolls the foil strip, then sandwiches it between one of 3 color-coded mold shapes. Turning the arm crank compresses the foil into a compact bead, which feels solid and looks great. The child can make round, cylindrical, or cone-shaped beads, or combine the molds to create funky, asymmetrical shapes. Combine 2 colors for a cool two-tone look!

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