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Bartender's Cocktail Garnish Multitool, Peeler, Zester, Apple Corer, Strawberry Huller - Cherry Pitter, Citrus Reamer - Barware, Bar Tool Kit

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  • MULTI-USE KITCHEN TOOL - Featuring Seven preparation tools in a handy, versatile and compact size. Great for fruit infused water, seltzer, mojitos, iced tea, lemons, limes, oranges, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries, olives, bananas, apples, kiwis and thousands of other fruit and preparation uses.
  • GREAT FOR COCKTAILS - Contains all the tools needed to create any cocktail garnish known to man and probably a few that aren't!
  • STAINLESS STEEL - Tools convert into knife, corer, huller, pitter, soft fruit peeler and zester. Reamer is integrated into the comfortable BPA free handle body.
  • EASY STORAGE - Our Prepara multi-tool saves the space of seven bulky tools, it’s easily stored, so no more snagged and overfilled kitchen drawers.
  • MONEY SAVER - 7 tools in one, it’s less than half the price of an expensive and wasteful drawer collection.
The Fruit Multi-Tool from Prepara is a must have item for any aspiring home chef or fruit fan. Equipped with seven different tools, each with their own specific function and all housed in a compact body that doubles as a citrus reamer, this is the perfect swiss army knife for kitchen use. The tools contained within this multi-tool would be exponentially more costly if purchased on their own. 
While the zester tool works great for any citrus fruit, it's also amazing for parmesan cheese and grated ginger. Easy to use and easy to clean, as the whole tool is dishwasher safe!
This peeler will work wonderfully for any standard application, like potatoes or apples, but the serrated edge is specifically designed to work well with soft fruits. The blade is razor sharp for clean and precise cuts.
Slice through fruits or veggies with ease!
Simply extend the strawberrry huller tool and pass it through the bottom of the strawberry to remove the core and stem! Works amazingly for cherries and olives as well!
The serrated tip and ergonomic design make the apple coring tool the best way to remove cores and seeds quickly and easily.

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