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BzzzKill Electric Mosquito Racket - Battery Operated Indoor Outdoor Bugs Swatter

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  • MOSQUITO FREE -- Let’s be honest about something. NO ONE likes mosquitos. Whether it’s a cookout with friends, a movie at home, or the middle of a good night’s sleep, they strike at the worst of times and always ruin the fun. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With the BzzzKill Electric Mosquito Racket, you can now take the fight to them!
  • IT JUST WORKS -- Is there anything worse than actually finding the mosquito that has been bothering you, following it, going in for the kill and....missing it?!?! With the BzzzKill mosquito swatter that problem is a thing of the past. One swat, one hit, one kill. Every time! Bye bye bugs.
  • SAFETY FIRST -- Have you ever gotten shocked with 2500 volts of electricity? Trust us, it ain’t much fun! With the BzzzKill fly swatter you need not worry. A safety net protects you and your loved ones from accidental shocks, even when the racket is on. Good news for you! Bad news for bugs!
  • HAVE SOME FUN -- Get ready to have some serious fun with this! The BzzzKill bug zapper gives you a delightful sense of satisfaction as the flying critters in your world disappear for good. Finally, a guilty pleasure you can admit to.
  • Requires 2 AA Batteries not included

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