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Categories Knitty Kitty Large Multi-Color Yarn Ball Cat Toy with Rattle

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Knitty Kitty Yarn Ball Cat Toy is a fun chase and interactive cat toy that cats can’t resist. Toss this ball and watch your Cat’s playful personality emerge as it chases and pounces on the ball. This fun ball has a rattle sound to entice your Cat’s hunt instincts. This fun toy encourages your Cat’s curious nature with this irresistible, playful active chase toy. Your Cat will bat and bounce this Yarn Ball toy for hours of fun. This product entices your cat’s inquisitive nature with erratic motion. Watch your cat enjoy exciting play sessions, keeping them active and healthy.

  • Knitty Kitty Yarn Ball Cat Toy
  •     Fun interactive feline friendly toy
  •     Rattle sound entices your cat’s hunting instincts
  •     Lightweight ball rolls with ease
  •    Encourages both mental, and physical stimulation for hours
  •    Your Cat will bat and bounce this yarn ball toy for hours
  •    Perfect for indoor/outdoor cats
  •     Ideal for kittens, adults, and seniors cats

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