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Debbie Meyer GreenBags 20 pc Variety Pack - Keeps Fruits, Vegetables, Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

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A Revolution in Food Freshness
Debbie Meyer Green Bags are made with Debbie Meyer FoodFresh System technology; a unique, proprietary combination of natural ingredients scientifically proven in independent lab testing to prolong the life of fruits, vegetables, and fresh cut flowers

Reduce Waste, Save Money
When your fresh fruits, vegetables, and cut flowers stay fresh longer, that means you can buy in bulk, throw away less, reduce food waste, and save money. Debbie Meyer Green Bags are reusable 8-10 times each!

Safe and Convenient
Debbie Meyer Green Bags are all natural, BPA-free, FDA GRAS, Reusable, and Proudly Made in the USA.

Debbie Meyer Green Bags come in various sizes that are perfect for a variety of uses including buying in bulk, taking to the farmer's market, picnics, camping, meal prep, and more. Easy to store in the fridge, on the counter-top, in your pantry, or on the go.

20 bags variety pack with 8 medium, 8 large and 4 X-large bags.

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