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Epica Whisky Chilling Rocks Gift Box - SET OF 9 Chilling Cubes with Muslin Pouch

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  • Set of 9 stones and storage pouch
  • Natural soapstone
  • Chill whisky and spirits without diluting
  • Freeze for 4-hour before using
Impress your guests by serving chilled whisky and spirits that are full flavored, not watered down with melting ice. This handsome set also makes a great gift. '
Serve Whisky at the Perfect Temperature 
You've heard the saying that whisky should be served at room temperature. But that saying came from Scotland, where "room temperature" is cooler than it is in more temperate zones. In places like the United States, whisky is often served too warm. But ice cubes make it too cold , which also kills the flavor. Connoisseurs prefer Epica Whiskey Chilling Rocks because they chill whisky to the ideal sipping temperature.
Safe and Attractive Soapstone 
This natural stone, designated safe (GRAS) by the FDA, is nonporous and won't react with alcohol or water or other drinks. It has no taste or odor to affect the drink's flavor, unlike those plastic ice cubes. Its elegant good looks complement sophisticated occasions better than plastic as well. Soapstone has more thermal mass than such stones as granite, allowing it to retain its chill longer. It's also softer and lightweight to prevent scratching glassware. 
Epica Whisky Chilling Rocks are handcrafted in 3/4" (2 cm) cubes -- small enough to fit most glasses but not so small that they'll slide around and splash. 
How to Use Epica Whisky Chilling Rocks 
Freeze the stones for at least 4 hours before use. Put 3 stones in an empty glass in a single layer and pour in whisky or other spirit to the height of 1 stone (about 2 fl. oz.). Wait 5 minutes and enjoy. When the party's over, rinse and air dry, put them in their pouch and store in the freezer. 
Whisky Chilling Rocks won't chill large volumes of liquid. Do not chew or ingest them. Rinse before first use.

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