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Gonzo Bamboo Charcoal [2 Small Bags 75g] Odor Eliminator Bags Natural Purifying Charcoal Odor Absorber Air Freshener

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The Gonzo Natural Magic Odor Eliminator Bags are made of all-natural, fragrance-free, allergen-free, non-toxic materials that trap and destroy bacterial odors, excess moisture & other harmful pollutants. Bamboo charcoal is a porous structure with millions of microscopic holes that continuously attract and absorb excess moisture from the air to prevent mold, mildew & bacteria from forming. Bamboo charcoal safely traps these odors & pollutant particles but still allows air flow through the pores to clean the air around it, delivering a clean & fresh scent in your home. This impressive odor eliminator is recommended for small spaces including pet areas, shoe and boot closets, gym bags, drawers, garbage cans, luggage, refrigerators, shoes, cars & more!
The chemical-free, Gonzo Natural Magic All-Natural Bamboo Charcoal Odor Eliminator can be recharged to freshen air for up to two years. Every 1-2 months, simply place the bag in direct sunlight for at least an hour to restore the effectiveness of the bamboo charcoal. This is a unique, all-natural & "ready-to-use" product that reveals the fresh smell of a clean home & makes the Gonzo Natural Magic Odor Eliminator an essential for everyday treatment.
  • Revive - Non-toxic odor eliminator is fragrance-free and keeps spaces smelling fresh, naturally.
  • Safe - All natural, chemical-free porous bamboo charcoal traps and destroys odors, moisture & pollutants
  • Effective - Safe and natural alternative to other air fresheners and safe to use around kids & pets.
  • Long-Lasting - Recharge every 1-2 months to restore bamboo charcoal & eliminate odors for up to two years

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