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Good Cook 4 Piece Watermelon Tap Kit, Melon Tap, Red & Clear

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Looking for a fun and fresh way to enjoy watermelon? The Goodcook Melon Tap will turn a watermelon into the coolest drink pitcher ever. Just hollow out a watermelon, push the pink tack stands into the bottom to stand your fruit upright and keep it steady, then press the metal melon tap into the fruit where you want the liquid to come out. Fill your new party pitcher with watermelon margarita, mojitos, agua fresca, and more fun and fruity drinks. Then press the tap and fill your cup! Think how great a watermelon pitcher would be at a graduation party, summer birthday party, tailgate, or backyard barbecue. It will definitely be a showstopper at whatever event you bring it to!
  • Turns any melon into a beverage dispenser
  • Soft gripped Stainless Steel spiraled skewers connect feet securely into melon to sit sturdy
  • Great way to infuse drinks with the fresh taste of melon
  • Definite party starter!

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