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GreatLite 16.25" High Performance Bat Light and Tire Knocker, Gunmetal Color

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Keep the Greatlite Multi-Purpose 200 Lumen Flashlight handy in case of emergency. These Flashlights from Greatlite are more than 16 inches long and made of heavy-duty aluminum, so they are sturdy enough to do some damage. 
The appearance of the Greatlite Versatile 200 Lumen Bat Flashlight is enough to give anyone second thoughts and the flashlight is bright enough to disorient a potential attacker. 
For durability, practicality, and security, pick up the Greatlite Self Defense Bat with 200 Lumen Light.

Features of Greatlite 200 Lumens Multi-Purpose Bat Light:
  • Modes: High, Low, Flashing.
  • Shape and size let potential aggressors know you mean business.
  • Impact resistant to 1.5 meters.
  • Waterproof rating IPX-4.
  • Power button at knob end. Light at the barrel end.
  • Unscrew knob to access or change batteries.
  • Gunmetal color

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