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Gstride Expandable Garden Hose 50ft / 100ft Water Hose with 10 Function Spray Pattern, 2 Pairs of Bamboo Gloves, 3/4” Solid Brass, Iron Hanger, 3 Washers and Bag

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Gstride Expandable Garden Hose 50 ft or 100 ft Water Hose with 10 Function Spray Pattern, 4 Layer Latex, 2 Pairs of Bamboo Gloves, 3/4” Solid Brass, Iron Hanger, 3 Washers and Bag

This Gstride expandable garden hose is designed to make life much easier during watering. It expands up to 3x its length and automatically contracts when not in use. Its light weight and flexibility make it easier to carry and maneuver during use.

The Gstride expandable garden water hose is kink-free, leak-free, and easy to store with the help of the solid iron hanger. It comes with 2 pairs of multi-purpose bamboo garden gloves and a 10-function spray nozzle.

GSTRIDE EXPANDABLE GARDEN HOSE BAG: Is packed with 3750D hose with the 4 layer latex, 3/4” rust free solid brass connector, 10 function spray nozzle, 3 washer, Iron hanger and 2 pairs of bamboo gloves. Its light weights, easy to fold and easy to maneuver
10 FUNCTIONS NUZZLE SPRAY: The 10 function nozzle spray is built with a non-slip, good grip material with a rotating nozzle and 10 spray patterns 

Original Length-Expanding Length: Upto 100 Feet or Upto 50 Feet
Outer Layer:Tough 3750D Polyester Fabric
Inner Material:100% Natural 4-Latex
Connector Material:Leak-Proof 3/4 inch Solid Brass
Lowest & Highest Working Temperature: 40F - 113F
Pressure: up to 12 bar

10-Way Spray Nozzle: Full, Cone, Angle, Jet, Mist, Center, Shower, Flat, Vertical, and Soaker. 
Suitable for Multiple Purposes:outdoor garden/yard/patio/lawn watering,Car/house/windows/roof washing,Pool deck/garage/pet cleaning etc

GARDEN HOSE INCLUDE: 1 x  Expandable Garden Hose; 1 x 10 Function Spray Nozzle; 1 x Hanger; 1 x Storage Bag; 3 x Extra Rubber Washers; 2 x Unisex Bamboo Gloves

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