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Headzone Compact Lighted LED Makeup Mirror | Luxurious Aluminum Finish | 11 Brightness & Color Settings | Perfect for Travel | USB Rechargeable

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Today's modern professional working woman doesn't always have time to slip into the bathroom and reapply her makeup. And often the light in the bathroom is not very good anyway. Instead, she relies on her portable and convenient Headzone GO Makeup Mirror. 
  • This high-end compact features an LED panel, so you always have enough light to see yourself. The light is built above the mirror rather than being embedded into it, giving you a more natural light source. 
  • This illuminated mirror also has an optical diffuser to reduce the harsh glare and shadows you typically get when using embedded LEDs and light strips found on ring lights and mirrors. Plus, its unique positioning lets you achieve brighter light without being blinded by it. 
  • This mirror features 11 different color and 11 brightness settings. Each of these settings reflects different types of sunlight so that you can have a more consistent makeup application each and every time. You'll find the color settings on the lower right of the mirror. These colors mimic all types of sunlight, including dawn to midday to dusk. Choose from soft, warm light to bright, vibrant daylight. 
  • You can also adjust the brightness of each color using the brightness settings, which are located on the lower left of the mirror. 
  • This mirror has a memory feature that saves and returns to your last brightness and color settings. 
  • This mirror also has a long-lasting battery. At full charge, you'll get 5 hours of run time with the mirror set at its full brightness. 
  • Included with this mirror is a USB charging cable, so you can recharge it when needed. 
  • The Headzone GO Makeup Mirror comes in 3 different colors: Rose Gold, Pale Gold, and Silver. 
It has a silky, soft-touch body that is both lightweight and portable, so it's useful for travel and hopping around town. The mirror is constructed with superior quality and craftsmanship, allowing you to see yourself in striking clarity. Add this makeup mirror to your beauty accessories today

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