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Hot Shot Bedbug & Flea Fogger, 3 Count, 2 oz, with Nylar

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Between the carpool and the couch cushions, you are the CEO of the home front. Take care of your family a and take care of business, no matter where household pests rear their ugly heads. Show bugs whose boss with Hot Shot insecticides. They are your weapon of choice, giving you the clear advantage within your walls and at the bank. Save the day. Hot Shot Bed Bug & Flea Fogger kills bed bugs, fleas, lice, ticks and other listed insects. Contains Nylar insect growth regulator to control hatching fleas before they develop into the biting adult stage and inhibits flea reinfestation up to 7 months. Also kills beetles, boxelder bugs, cockroaches, earwigs, fire ants, flea eggs, flea larvae, adult fleas, flies, flying moths, gnats, grain weevils, hornets, lice, millipedes, mosquitoes, palmetto bugs, pharaoh ants, pill bugs, silverfish, sowbugs, wasps, ticks and yellow jackets. One can of this product treats up to 2,000 cubic feet of unobstructed space. Read and follow all label directions before using this product. Treating bed bugs as part of a cycle is key to gaining control. For best results, use this product as part of a comprehensive bed bug treatment plan. When creepy bugs attempt to pass, save the day with Hot Shot insecticides.

Hot Shot Bedbug & Flea Fogger, 3-2-oz:
  • KILLS BED BUGS AND FLEAS: Hot Shot Bedbug & Flea Fogger also controls lice, ticks and other listed insects
  • INHIBITS FLEA REINFESTATION: Inhibits reinfestation of fleas for up to 7 months
  • CONTAINS NYLAR: Contains Nylar insect growth regulatory to prevent fleas from developing into the biting adult stage
  • WHERE TO USE: Use indoors in enclosed spaces such as apartments, attics, basements, boats, cabins, closed porches, condos, garages, homes, kitchens and pet sleeping areas.

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