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House of Living Art Makeup Vanity Mirror and Humidifier Combo with LED Lights and 5X Detachable Magnifying Mirror

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  • 68 BRIGHT LED LIGHTS – Powered with 68 bright LED lights to give you better lighting in poorly lit rooms. Eliminating the need to turn on a lamp or other lights in the room. Easily powered on and off with the touch of the sensor switch. The LED lights are also dimmable by simply holding the power sensor for 3-seconds. Additionally, you can cycle between 3-different light settings to get the ideal lighting from a soft halo to a warm setting. FCC certified.
  • BUILT-IN HUMIDIFIER – Located on the base behind the mirror is a humidifier to help add moisture in the air around the room to help with dry skin conditions. To fill the chamber with cold clean water, lift the rubber sealer and use the included vial to insert the water inside the chamber. Never insert water above the water line. To power on the humidifier, press and hold the button on the back-side of the base until you see the water line light up.
  • REMOVABLE 5X MAGNIFICATION – If you need a closer view, there is a 5x circular mirror that pops off behind the mirror that also has a magnet to allow it to stick on the main mirror. With the portable magnification mirror, it will help create the ideal setup for applying eyeliner and mascara, tweezing eyebrows, and providing perfect views of your skin.
  • 360 DEGREE ROTATION – At the bottom of the base is a suction cup that will help mount the mirror in place to allow it to withstand from tipping over. What’s also useful is the 360 degree circular rotation for the base and 90 degree top/down rotation for the mirror. Ideal for different uses, such as men’s shaving or women’s makeup.
  • MICRO USB CHARGED – There is a built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery to power the LED lights and humidifier. Ideal to use in any place in any room, without requiring the constant use of an outlet. To recharge the battery, simply use the included micro USB cable

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