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KeyGear Pop Light Silver

KeyGear Pop Light Silver

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Product Description

The Pop Light pops up to give you a little light when you need it the most and it includes a handy carabiner that easily clips to your keys, backpack, or purse.

  • Simply pull the body of the light from the clip end to turn on
  • Three LED bulbs provide bright light
  • Light up dark areas such as parking lots, garages, and doorways
  • Remove plastic tab before use
The KeyGear Pop Light is designed to be the perfect lighting tool for just about any dim area. These Flashlights via illumination professionals at KeyGear is made by means of strong materials for the case, to be able to supply you with a long lasting and useful flash light. Engineered using an exceptionally vibrant light bulb, the KeyGear Pop Light has an impressive lumen output, a long beam distance and astonishing beam intensity. KeyGear has been in the torch industry for many, many years, and the KeyGear Pop Light is a light that shows they are devoted to producing the best light source achievable. 

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