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Modernhome Slimline Solar Powered Bathroom Scale

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  • 100% Solar-powered scale that does not require batteries or an external power supply
  • Features an ultra-slim, space-saving design that's under one inch in thickness
  • Digitally calculates bodyweight readings in both pounds and kilograms
  • Automatic calibration allows you to keep more accurate track of your weight loss goals
  • Features an extra-large LCD display for easy visibility
Who wants a big, bulky scale taking up precious space in their bathroom? The Slimline Solar Scale is as easy to use as it is to store. Its large LCD provides total ease when it comes to taking your body weight measurements, and solar-operated power means you'll never have to change batteries or trip over power cords. Unlike traditional scales that end up becoming permanent fixtures, this thin, lightweight and modern-looking scale is compact and takes up minimal storage space when not being used.

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