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Posture PT Personal Trainer Ergonomic Back Support with Strap

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  • Prevents slouching by using memory foam to comfortably train you to sit properly
  • Promotes great posture in the same position recommended by doctors to improve posture
  • With just 30 minutes per day, you will notice improvements in your posture while standing
  • Better than uncomfortable posture correction braces that hurt and keep you feeling rigid
  • Improves your confidence through improving your health, boosting energy and maintaining full range of motion
Did you know the average person sits more than 9 hours per day?

We sit in the car, at the office, and when we get home, we relax with more sitting. When we sit and reach forward to our steering wheel, slouch at our desk, our slump into the couch, we create new posture that leads to misalignment which can cause pain and injury. 

Common poor posture problems include headaches, shoulder and neck tension, rotator cuff problems, and back pain. Posture PT was designed to correct poor sitting habits and create great posture. 

Look Confident, feel better with your Posture Personal Trainer!

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