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Rose Aroma Bamboo Vinegar Foot Pads 20pc with bonus Herbal Foot Bath Powder

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  • 🌿 REVIVE YOUR TIRED SOLE: Whether you’re on your feet all day, or just feeling sore, achy and tired, when you use Vabbly Foot Pads straight after your FREE Vabbly Foot Soak, your soul… and soles won’t know themselves the next day. 
  • 🌿 LOOK AT ALL THE GUNK: With our deep clean blend of Bamboo Vinegar, Tourmaline, and Negative Ion Minerals working on the condition you have all night, you’ll be impressed at what you see the next morning! Most people agree, they wake feeling more refreshed – and the evidence is in the gunk from the pads!
  • 🌿 REWIND THE DAY: Vabbly Foot Pads contain the antioxidant to help fight the free radicals we run into each day while Negative Ions help balance out the positive charge from cell phones and other electronics. The botanicals in our foot soak clean and soothe the day’s stressors and inflammation.
  • 🌿 YOUR SOUL SAYS YES! Foot Pads have long offered a way to move through the Vola - The Center of the Sole - while you sleep. Sole or Soul, either way they both love Vabbly Foot Pads. And people who love them most say they feel refreshed and energized, sleep better with reduced pain and light on their feet.
Are Your Soles (... And Soul) In Need Of A Little TLC?

Life bombards us with many obstacles that can disrupt our metabolism, circulation, and our mood; things like chemicals, heavy metals and gunk. But Foot Pads have long offered a non-invasive means to move through the Vola - The Center of the Sole - while you sleep.

And when you use Vabbly Foot Pads on this sacred spot, not only do you see the results after 8-12 hours as a black/brown residue on the pad, but you feel it soothe the soles of your feet, while lifting up your soul.

Because when our bodies are no longer burdened by conditions, we naturally feel lighter! Sleep rejuvenates us again, and we feel stronger and more alive.

Vabbly Foot Pads are easy to use, with self-adhesive borders that hold firmly to your soles as you sleep.

... But before you stick them on, dry your feet well after your Vabbly Foot Soak - Included for FREE in this gift pack!

Vabbly Foot Pads - Revive Your Tired Sole

Contains 10 Pairs in Sealed Packs (20 pcs total)
Includes 5x FREE Herbal Foot Soak Sachets
Self-Adhesive Patches
Wake Up Refreshed Again

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