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Slumber Wunders BabyZoo Monkey Sleep Trainer Clock - Alarm Clock and 30 second Night Light, Green or Pink

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  • Children Alarm clock
  • Sleep Trainer, teaching children when to stay in bed by opening and closing of the monkey's eyes
  • The solution for early risers, children who wake up before the crack of dawn
  • Giving both parents and children their so much needed sleep

This unique and cute Sleep Trainer shows in an intuitive way when your child is allowed to get out of bed or still needs to catch some sleep: Eyes Closed – “I should be sleeping”, Eyes Open -”Rise and shine!”: The solution for early rising children!! How does it work? At bedtime, show your child that Momo is going to sleep. Push the "Night Light Button" for 5 seconds until Momo's eyes closed. You whisper: “Ssst, Momo is sleeping. Be quiet now otherwise you wake him up.” Then you explain that as long as Momo is sleeping he/she needs to stay quiet and try to catch some more sleep. Only when Momo opens his eyes, it is time to wake up!


  • 30-second nightlight
  • Analog and digital clock - learn to tell time!
  • Adjustable volume
  • Alarm function with jungle sound

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