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Universal Tub Stopper for Bathtub | Bathroom Sink Drain Plug Bath Stopper 2 Pack - Silicone (Yellow and Orange)

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New revolutionary Universal Tub Stopper you can relax in the bathtub for hours, without worrying about water leakage, or of the clogging with other objects. This little, but powerful bathtub stopper will keep all the water in the tub, creating a barrier that will seal your drain outlet. 
Its conic shape fits almost all types of drains, for tubs and sinks, and it's flower shape head, will cheer you up when you`re relaxing. It`s so easy to use, that even a baby can do it! Just push it into the drain and let the magic happen. When you finished, slowly pull it back and hang it on a hook, or store it wherever you like.

Our stoppers are eco - friendly, made of high- grade silicone, smooth as silk, round edges, safe and strong, providing a sensation of good and happiness while you`re having a bath. Because of their joyful color, you can see if it dirts, and easily be cleaned with hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, or in the washing machine.

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