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Versa Travel French Press- Reverse Groundless System & Insulated Travel Mug

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  • The Versa, Travel French Press, features a patented brewing system that Removes Grounds
  • Brew coffee, tea or infused water on the go and drink from the container when at optimal brew
  • 15 oz Double wall Insulated Stainless Steel Travel mug, Keeps Drinks hot or cold
  • Coffee stays fresh without going bitter & easily add Cream and Sugar!
  • Features a Locking Spill Proof Lid & 100% Dishwasher Safe
Travel French Press. The Versa, Travel French press features a patented brewing system that Pulls your Grounds out rather than pushing them down. Allowing you to Remove your Grounds so your coffee stays fresh without going bitter over time. 

The Brewer converts into an Insulated Travel Mug and allows you to easily add Cream and Sugar with a Locking Spill Proof Lid. 

The entire unit is 100% Dishwasher Safe. 

Brewing Instructions: 
1. Open the brewing capsule by pressing the plunger until the mesh filter reveals an opening in the capsule. Fill the brewing capsule with your favorite coarse coffee grounds and add hot water. 
2. Pull the plunger so the mesh filter is flush with the end of the brewing capsule. Place the travel mug over the brewing capsule. Screw the brewing capsule into the travel mug until it is secure. You can then turn the travel mug over so that it rests right-side up while your coffee brews. Suggested brewing time is 4 minutes. 
3. Once your coffee is finished brewing, pull up on the plunger. Unscrew the brewing capsule and deposit for easy clean up. 
4. You now have freshly brewed coffee in your travel mug - without the grounds. With the brewing capsule removed you can now screw on the locking, spill-proof lid and enjoy your coffee on the go!

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